Startup guide to your account

Welcome to Budihost Hosting service. This article would be your start-up guide to use your hosting account, through cPanel control panel. 

This article will be split into a few categoris as below:
  • Customer portal (billing)
  • Logging in
  • Building your website
  • Uploading files
  • Managing email accounts

Customer portal 

Customer portal will keep all of your information as a customer, for us to contact you, notify you for any billing related, and our ticketing system. If you have any problem, or any inquiry regarding your service, please submit ticket here

sername :
** At any point you have forgotten your password, please use the "Request a password reset" feature to gain access to the system. 

In our customer portal you can:
  • View and pay your invoices
  • View all the services subscribed with us
  • Submit a ticket
  • Read through our knowledgebase
  • View server status

Logging in (cPanel)

To manage your hosting account, you will be using cPanel, for hosting account management

Loggin in

URL : http:///cpanel/
***Your username and password are given during activation, and you can change the password in the control panel. In the case you have forgotten your password, please submit a tikcet to us to request a password reset.

Building your website

With the service provided to you, you can host your website content within the space limit allocated. In this section, we're answering the question, how you could have your website done.

There are a few options on web development phase. 

  1. You can hire a web designer.

    Together with your hosting account, there is an FTP service (File Transfer protocol), which allows you to upload the content into the server. If you hired a web designer for the website, you need to give the cPanel or FTP credential for them to upload the content into the server.

    Beside FTP, you can also use File Manager function in cPanel, located under "Files". Its a powerfull feature to manage all the files in your account, from uploading, editing, deletion, and changing file permissions

    Bear in mind, all of your content should be uploaded into "public_html" folder

    File Manager

  2. Using softaculous apps installer

    Softaculous is a great tool with comprehensive collections of scripts. You can install more than 300 scripts just within a few clicks. Using those scripts, you build your website on top of it, either it be a static content website, blogs, e-commerce site, forum or any business tools that you need. 

    We do recommend using Wordpress as Content Management System, which has huge community using it. We covers in detail on how to start developing your website using Wordpress in another article.

  3. RVSiteBuilder Pro

    Besides that, you also have access to RVSiteBuilder, a web builder which is available from cPanel, under Software and Services. You will have access to more than 1000 templates to choose from. If you're not subscribed to us and want to test it out, you can access the software demo at
    You can view
    website samples which were developed using RVSiteBuilder.

Uploading files

You home folder will contains some other hosting account related files, such as email, web statistics, and also public_html, which is the root folder for your website. Therefore, all of the website content should be uploaded to, and accessed relatively from public_html folder. 

If you want to use a FTP client, we would recommend using FileZilla, an open source file transfer utility. The software can be downloaded from The operations are quite intuitive, you can see clearly the 2 pane area, which the left side is your local filesystem, and the right pane shows files on your hosting account. You can upload your files to the server just by dragging the files form left pane, to the right pane. The only information you need for FTP access are as below:

Server : <>
Username : <you got this during account setup>
Password : <You can reest password in cPanel. Its the same username and password for cPanel login.>
Port : 21

Managing email accounts

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